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Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
. >>> former cia director david petraeus will be testifying behind closed doors today in the senate select intelligence committee. for more on that now we want to turn to foreign struggle of reuters who is in the national security editor at rueters. thanks for coming on. what are the members of congress looking to hear from david petraeus about? >> they have a lot of questions. they want to know what the cia did to try to move its forces to help the attack and try to protect the consulate. but even more particularly than that, they want to know what the cia told the administration about the cause of the attack and by the explanation seemed to shift from an attacker that grew out of the protest over the entire muslim film throughout the middle east to the explanation later that was a terrorist attack. >> give an update on the efforts to track down those involved in this attack where we since september 11th. >> if you recall shortly after the attack, president obama said he would spend no effort to track down those who were involved in this attack but so far there have been a handful
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
her. >> intelligence committees he mentioned closed-door meetings and not hear from david trias just resigned direct her. what do they want to know from former petraeus? >> are you currently we will petraeus, but they said this would be specifically topping out the. there's not going to be anything about the investigation, this is about what sort of information he had as cia director about the threat before the attack and also why the information coming back to washington about the attack is so confusing. they don't understand what strength he was getting real-time on why they made a mistake in the week they initially characterized the attack. >> what to think of you looking for the coming weeks as the investigation goes forward? >> that they were interested and is the partisan rancor dies down the dig into deeper issues involved because i think there's a lot of politics at play here. but there's questions about how the state department is forward in securing people that wants to keep diplomats on the ground, for example, countries. the defense posture and north africa knows that is
Nov 16, 2012 12:00pm EST
72 hours, general david petraeus and the real housewives of tampa. i figured i would give you the floor to tell us your thoughts. >> having argued to, and to general -- emotion that your in trouble for sending e-mails, i am disappointed -- when i went to work for the mayor of boston i was told seriously there's one thing you got to remember. you have -- never talk when you can not and never not when you can wind. why these two intelligent men rescinding these embarrassing e-mails is baffling. did they not know, talk about white collar crime, that no one would be indicted if it would not for e-mails. i am sorry for the general david petraeus family. there does not appear to be any public policy relevance to this. i am sorry people are fussing over it. >> it is a major public policy f they cause -- do you think the democrats have a mandate to get that type of revenue through? when you look at this election -- >> and doing one part of the george bush tax cuts which were adopted after a president got a plurality of half a million votes. if-half a million give you a mandate to put the
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
and kelly ayotte. they talked about the benghazi and also about the david petraeus situation. and in that news conference john mccain was asked about susan rice being nominated as the next secretary of state. and he said in particular quote we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination that's within our powers, as for susan rice is concerned that some senator mccain. you can watch the in our video library at the u.s. senate about to coming. a couple more calls. a republican call her. >> caller: i would just like to know, not middle-class or how would i said? -- >> host: i will let you go to the senate is coming and momentary. nebraska is next. eagle, nebraska. paul on our democrat line. >> caller: i would just like to make a couple of comments. one is nobody seems to remember that when bush enacted those tax cuts for the rich, that the sale of luxury items went up 15%. immediately. so the rich did nothing with their tax cuts. >> host: thanks for your comments. we will not go there. things for all your comments aso we wihell take you live to the senat
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4